Santo Domingo Day 2 Trip 5 April 18, 2016

Since the organization that led us to Vision Trust Dominicana came through Retail Orphan Initiative (ROI), which was formed by a group of executives in the retail industry, I felt like we paid tribute to those origins today by finding the ideal merchandise display rack and working with the team from the Remar Orphanage to create a real boutique feel within the orphanage's store.

After getting the store merchandised, we were off to Tia Tatiana School where Mark and Greg were getting the mobile computer lab set up and Anne and Valerie were scheduled to give a presentation to the junior and senior high school students on resume writing and making a good first impression in a job interview (including knowing how to give a good handshake).  It's beyond impressive to see where these young people have come from and how poised and serious they are about their future.