Whenever Nick saw the time 11:11 on his phone he made a wish. This year will mark the 3rd Annual Thrive in Joy Nick Fagnano Foundation 11 days of giving ending on 11.11 at 11:11 p.m.  Each year we set our goal to exceed 111 donations. 

It's not about how MUCH you give--it's about how MANY choose to participate. Every donation makes a big difference for young people living in the Dominican Republic who lack so many of the basics that we take for granted... yet have so much joy.

Suggested donation: $1.11, $11.11, $111.11 or any multiple thereof: $22.22, $33.33, $44.44, $88.88 etc.

In March 2017, Jay , Mary , and Students from USC's Caruso Catholic Center  spent a week in Santo Domingo  helping some special kids at the Remar Orphanage and at Tia Tatiana School.

On November 10, 2017 Mary and Jay, will depart on their 8th trip to the Dominican Republic since Nick's passing. On every trip, thanks to the generosity of Thrive in Joy supporters, life has improved  for the children at the Remar orphanage.  On this trip, we'll be traveling to the Haitian border to visit a learning center that serves as an inspiration for children living in extreme poverty in one of the most underserved parts of the DR. We'll also be following up on the anticipated expansion of Tia Tatiana school with the goal of providing better learning and recreation facilities for the younger children and vocational training facilities for the high school students.  Thanks to dedicated leadership and teachers, along with the improvements your support has allowed, Tia Tatiana students continue to be inspired to  stay in school beyond the minimum required 6th grade education--and many, who would have otherwise never finished high school, have plans to attend the university.

This gallery shows the learning center we'll be visiting when we travel to the Haitian border on our November 2017 trip. 

Eager students at Tia Tatiana School in Santo Domingo where we hope to see an expansion allowing for more classrooms.

Other programs your donations support include the USC Price School of Public Policy Nick Fagnano Scholarship Endowment and The Los Angeles chapter of the Jefferson Awards Students in Action Program

We also have big plans for 2018 to launch an inspirational program in Los Angeles for students seeking to use their talents to help others.  With your support, Thrive in Joy Nick Fagnano Foundation will be keeping Nick's light brightly shining.

Think about 11 people who wouldn't see this page unless you told them about it--Your 11 shares x 11 means there's so much potential we have to be an answer to the prayers of children and their families who have so little but whose hearts are so full of appreciation and love.